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Welcome to Credit Cards NZ

Welcome to Credit Card Comparison NZ, we are here to help you understand the credit cards available in the market and the differences between them - to enable you to find the best credit card deal for you.

Overview of the main banking providers

In New Zealand, the banking environment is dominated by the big four Australian banks (ANZ, ASB, BNZ & Westpac) with local offerings from Kiwibank, TSB and the Corporative bank. The banks will compete for your business and at different times will offer special offers. It is, therefore, important to ‘shop around’ to get the best deal for you.

The two main credit card types (VISA and Mastercard)

The two biggest credit card companies in the world today are VISA and Mastercard. Both companies operate in a very similar way, and typically if a location accepts VISA it will also accept Mastercard. It is estimated that these cards are accepted at over 30 million locations worldwide and climbing.

As far as a credit card holder is concerned, there is no real difference between VISA and Mastercard. The difference is the bank offering for each card. Neither Visa or Mastercard issue their own credit cards, instead they rely on banks to issue credit cards that use their payment method. The Interest rates, rewards, and all other charges are set by the issuing bank.