ANZ focuses on three categories of Credit Cards:

  • Lower fee and lower rate
  • Travel rewards (Airpoints)
  • Cash rewards
ANZ low rate Visa

The ANZ low rate Visa is ideal if you don’t pay off your credit card in full each month and want to save on interest costs. It has the lowest interest rate and card fee of all the cards ANZ offers. ANZ also offers a balance transfer promotion.

ANZ Airpoints Visa & Visa Platinum

ANZ Airpoints cards are for those who love to travel but pay off their credit card balance in full each month.

Credit Name Earn Rate
Air New Zealand Airpoints
Platinum Visa
Earn one Airpoints Dollar for every $75 of eligible spend and one Status Point for every $200 of eligible
Air New Zealand Airpoints Visa Earn one Airpoints Dollar for every $120 of eligible spend

The important thing to determine is if you will spend enough on your credit card to earn enough Air points to justify the annual charge.

For example:

The Air New Zealand Airpoints Platinum Visa annual charge is $150 per year, meaning you would have to spend $11,250 a year to earn $150 worth of Air New Zealand Airpoints.

ANZ Cashback Visa & Visa Platinum

Use this card for your everyday purchases – the more you spend, the more cash you get back.

This card is designed for those who spend up to $30,000 a year but also pay their balance in full at the end of each month as the interest rate is higher than other cards.

With a Cashback Visa, you can earn up to 1% back on eligible spend up to $30,000 a year with a minimum spend of $5,000 to qualify.

At 1% and a $30,000 cap, this means the maximum you can earn in a year is $300. The current annual charge on a Visa Platinum card is $125 so, you have to spend over $12,500 to benefit from this reward.

Using your card

Visa is accepted at over 30 million locations worldwide.

Manage your card online

Temporarily block your card, manage your card PIN, and report and replace lost or stolen cards with ANZ Card Manager.

Visa Zero Liability

Visa’s Zero Liability policy means you’re not liable for unauthorised transactions on your card, provided you haven’t contributed to the loss in any way and you notify us within a reasonable time if your card is lost or stolen.