Compare your card with BNZ Credit Cards. Learn more about their application process and requirements.

The Bank of New Zealand focuses on two categories of Credit Cards:

  • Low Interest
  • Rewards
Low rate Mastercard

The BNZ low rate Mastercard is ideal if you don’t pay off your credit card in full each month and want to save on interest costs.

The low rate card has a competitive interest rate, low half-yearly account fee, and BNZ offers a balance transfer scheme.

Managing payments is easy with minimum monthly payment at 2% of the outstanding balance or $25, whatever is more.

Up to 55 days interest-free and a $500 minimum limit.


With the BNZ Advantage Visa, you choose between earning Fly Buys points or cash rewards. BNZ offers a Classic and Platinum version of its rewards cards. The Platinum version annual charges more than double the Classic’s, but you earn rewards at a greater rate.

Classic Platinum
$150 spend = $1 Cash Reward $90 spend = $1 Cash Reward
$40 spend = 1 Fly Buys point $15 spend = 1 Fly Buys point
Fly buys points

On average, BNZ Fly Buys members collect 8 times more Fly Buys points a year than other Fly Buys members.

Collect two lots of points by shopping at Fly Buys retailers, paying with the BNZ Advantage card, and swiping your Fly Buys membership card in the same purchase.

You can then turn Fly Buys points into rewards at — there’s more than 3,000 rewards to choose from. Or Convert the points into contributions to any BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme account.

Cash rewards

BNZ gives you several options to use the cash rewards you earn:

  • Reduce your credit card balance each month.
  • Save your Cash Rewards to a BNZ savings account. Earn interest on top to have more money to spend later.
  • Set up Cash Rewards to go into a BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme account each month, so you make regular contributions automatically.

The Platinum Visa’s annual charge is $90 a year therefore, you have to spend more than $10,000 a year on purchases to cover the cost of your card.

Using your card

Visa and Mastercard are accepted at over 30 million locations worldwide.


With BNZ’s app you can manage your credit settings. You can block your card if you’ve misplaced it, then unblock it once its safely back in your hands. You can also turn PayWave on and off.

Fraud Protection

BNZ has a zero-fraud liability guarantee meaning that they will repay any transactions you didn’t make if you complied with BNZ’s terms and conditions