Know more about one of the top players when it comes to credit cards. Know the benefits and advantages of having a Visa credit card.

Through partnerships with New Zealand’s banks, Visa and Mastercard dominate the New Zealand credit card market. 

Visa offers you the convenience and security to make purchases worldwide. Your Visa credit card can be used for everyday purchases – at stores and online, and also when traveling overseas.

As Visa does not issue its own credit cards, you have to shop around the banks to obtain the best rates and benefits for the Visas they offer.

Visa offers + Perks

With a Visa, you can sign up to receive personalised deal on travel, food + wine, shopping, sports, entertainment and more.

Visa’s Zero Liability policy

With Visa’s Zero Liability policy, you won’t be held responsible for fraudulent charges or unauthorised purchases made with your card or account information*. This means you can use your card to shop with total confidence, as you will always be protected against unauthorised use.

Global Assistance

No matter where you are in the world, Visa’s Global Customer Assistance Services (GCAS) representatives can provide multilingual assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. GCAS can help you block your Visa card within 30 minutes once it has been reported stolen or lost, protecting you against fraudulent transactions. GCAS can also provide emergency cash and Visa card replacement services wherever you are in the world.